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Sunday, June 8, 2014


I have finally found an advantage to the new office, which is just around the corner from my home, in addition to making a remarkable discovery!  The mythological time span that is apparently known as 'the lunch hour', actually exists, although I have found that it is not always easy to locate!  It did put in an appearance two weeks ago, and three times last week, so I am rather hopeful that it will show itself with more regularity than Haley's Commit in the foreseeable future!  Suffice it to say, I have coupled the close proximity of my house from the office, with the manifestation of this new found time period, and concluded that I am able to go swimming in the middle of the day! 

Going back to work after our three day weekend was not too difficult, but Samantha and Edward had booked a 'mini-moon' and were taking off on the Wednesday after Memorial Day.  This meant that 'grandma' was on canine duty!  They arrived at the office with plenty of time to spare, before I had to take them to the airport.  I sat in the back of Samantha's car, on the way there, as I had the previous week, but with less anxiety, as it was not me who was having to be on time for my flight, and then drove myself back to the office.  Having been to my manicurist earlier in the day, I had gone from driving the Mini to sitting behind the wheel of a 'hybrid', and felt like I was sitting in the cab of an 18 wheeler!  Sitting behind a queue of traffic, I marvelled at being able to see the horizon!  However, the time taken going to, and from, the airport was slightly more than my workload allowed, and my 'lunch hour' was eaten up in chauffeuring time. 

This week started very early.  After collecting the 'happy couple' from the airport at 1am on Monday morning, I was not bright eyed at the crack of dawn!  Samantha had suggested that it would be much easier for her if Dana and I were to take two cars to the airport, (one of them being hers,) and then she could drive Edward and the dog home directly!  Asking how this would make things easier for me, she could not give a positive response, so I declined!  Fortunately, the flirtatious 'lunch hour' made itself quite obvious at around midday, and I came home and donned my bathing suit!  I had not realised that the complex that houses my condo was such a hive of activity during the day. There seemed to be a lot of maintenance being carried out. Workmen, who are part of a 'building site' team, (and, yes, I do stereotype,) are the same in any country.  If you are in their vicinity, age is of no consequence to them, and as long as you are of the female gender, there appears to be a need to 'whoop' and 'holler', (or in many cases just whistle) as soon as you reach their peripheral vision!  I am no spring chicken and the group of males (gentlemen they were not!) who were wandering around one unit, doing little more than traditionally showing rather too much flesh below the waistline, were youthful.  However, the animal noises were unmistakable, and the gestures obvious.  I was relieved to see that the pool area was out of their sight, as I jumped into the water, and out of their sight, as they did not appear to have an 'off' button!  As I swam I reflected on whether part of the interview process for such a position, was to see how loud they could 'catcall'.  The imagery of several prospective employees lining up in an office, baring their teeth and making a noise like wild animals, was quite amusing.  As so often, my mind went into overdrive, and I wondered how the 'tradition' started.  Perhaps it was in Hollywood, when the most proficient got the job as Tarzan, and the rest were told, "you can help with building the set!" 

After twenty minutes of exercise, I left the pool area, and sneaked around the outer foliage to avoid another onslaught.  Our resident maintenance gentlemen, who I don't believe have ever built a Hollywood set, watched curiously as I ducked and dived, but simply smiled politely and wished me a good day! 

Although the magical hour made itself available on Thursday, I did not have the mindset to take advantage.  I had a two o'clock appointment for a partial crown fitting.  Although we are in the midst of 'graduation' season, with the 'Prom' Kings and Queens being presented, the sound of having a crown fitting could be considered a rather romantic occasion.  However, I was not going to the 'Prom'.  I was going to the dentist!  Samantha drove me to the surgery, as it was taken as a given that I would not be able to drive myself home!  I received the usual enthusiastic welcome from the receptionists.  It appeared that the 'wisdom tooth extractor', was rather impressed that after my operation, I still managed to maintain a sense of humour.  He had told them that I was 'so funny!'  As they explained, I vaguely recalled the incident, where he walked me through the reception area and asked if I realised the procedure had been completed, and asked me if I was aware of my surroundings.  Apparently, I answered that unless he conducted his practice in the reception area, the process was obviously finished!  How quaint of him to mistake sarcasm for wit!

The assistant came to collect me, and as she led me through the doors to the chamber of horrors, announced that they had 'run out of nitrous', then laughed all the way to the cubical.  Being in a very fraught state of mind, considering my surroundings, I was unable to intelligently decipher whether she was being serious, although common sense should have dictated that humour was intended.  I took my seat and heard the dentist's salutations before she came into view.  I had already signed their 'get out clause', and laid back as she put the comforting mask over my nose.  Unfortunately, I was a little more anxious than usual, as it had been explained that normally treatment is only considered 'under guarantee', if six monthly appointments are kept, and routine 'check ups' are maintained.  However, this time they would overlook the fact that I had let my appointment time lapse into a year.  The reason for my high level of anxiety was (as I mentioned in a previous post) that they had mistakenly thought I needed a filling in an existing tooth, rather than recognised the offending molar was actually an implant!  Perhaps I was being a little paranoid, but I considered they were 'covering'!  Despite my not going 'to the ball', the decision by the dentist to give me a full crown, did nothing to make me feel more like the Prom Queen. As she exited the room, the assistant was left to explain, again, that it would be ineffective to put in a partial, as it would only crack again!  I waited to hear the level of debt that would be laid upon me, but was told that this would all be done 'free of charge'.  The dentist returned, the gas was turned up, and I was floating! 

After two hours of fighting my tongue, which apparently becomes over-protective when my teeth are being attacked, the procedure was over.  The temporary was in place, and an appointment for the permanent was made.  Although I was compos mentis enough to enquire as to all the decisions, and wrong diagnosis, I was not quite lucid enough to understand the answers, so I decided to leave my questions until next time.  I left the surgery, with Samantha, and before we had left the car park, I started to giggle.  By the time reached the office, I was howling with laughter at anything and everything.  Dana suggested my daughter take me home, despite my insistence that I wanted to continue to work.  I am not sure if I am quoting verbatim, but I recall him saying, 'There is no way I want her to enter information into the database in that state!'  I assured him that I was capable of 'punching' papers into the system, and remember picking up a set of documents, and propelling my fist into the papers.  I also remember being bent over, whilst giggling uncontrollably.  Samantha took me home!  I decided that I would make use of this rather late 'lunch hour' and immediately went into my spare room, to complete the assembling of my second bookshelf, which I had left partly constructed, a week ago.  Samantha thought it appropriate to report the fact to my husband, and sent a text, advising him that I was now home, but 'running around loose, with a hammer'!  Within two hours, the effects of the gas had worn off, and so had my happy mood.  As high as the high, so was as low asthe low!  Weeping was part of the process, and while I understood why, I could not stop.  Fortunately, it did not last for too long!

The lunch hour failed to show on the last day of the working week, and I plodded through the piles that had amassed during my short absence.  My methodical train of thought (as methodical as it ever gets) had returned, and the over compensating attitude of the dentist became less of a concern.  A mistake made at the expense of the wrong person could be very costly, and I could understand why they were so nervous and offered additional treatment at no cost.  I will, of course, attempt to verify at my next appointment, but for the moment I am not going to let it become an issue. 

Time spent away from the pool was certainly made up for on Saturday.  After unwittingly putting on a 'comedy show' for the 'self service supervisor' at Walmart, by trying to outsmart the machine, and sneaking another bag on to the very sensitive 'bagging area'.  As the robot shouted, 'Warning, warning', I whipped my bags off quickly and tried to start again!  After several attempts, I completed my transaction and left the store.  Predictably, Samantha had locked the car door, preventing me from opening it after I had deposited the cart in the official return space.  Instead of standing, as I usually do, in a 'hands on hips' stance, I hit my palms on the window and shouted, 'Let me in! Let me in!'  The shock of this new action, together with the stares of those surrounding us, caused her to laugh heartily, thus preventing her from thinking clearly and to actually, 'let me in!'  After a while, however, wer managed to get home, put away my shopping, and venture to the pool area, where I was greeted by my summer friends, KC and Dean!  After an enjoyable period of time, catching up with our current affairs, (topically!) they left and I settled down to an afternoon of doing nothing but read and swim.  Oh how blessed am I! 

The 'June-bugs' are jumping around, and the heat is definitely rising in this part of the world.  I plan to catch the wonder that is the 'lunch hour' during the next few months, and take advantage of the proximity of the new office.  The X-Games were in Austin this weekend, but being away from the downtown area, we experienced our first 'unawareness' of downtown activity.  However, weighing up the 'pros' and 'cons', I think I may enjoy the summer a little more, and perhaps I may find some more 'myth to fact' experiences to report in ........... another story.

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